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Thumbs-up and a friendly smile from a stranger. The beginning of another travel-story: A trip to Canada I’d been planning for a year.

My first trip to the US in 1837, before the arrival of the railroad,
was planned as a vacation. My wife and I were in one of the better inns
in the city of Philadelphia. I went south, with twenty or forty companions,
and left Philadelphia early the next morning. We traveled slowly, with all
the leisurely things you could imagine. There was a time when I didn’t care
to travel. I was in the Army at the time, and my unit was stationed at Camp
Sumter, in South Carolina (my birthplace), not far from Charleston. Our
company was a light infantry, and we were not very comfortable. I hated
camp life. I had never in my life been outdoors with a rifle, and I could
see an awful lot of holes in the walls of our tents and houses. We were
scrounging for food. There were some nice people among us, but we were
really nothing special.

I’d been at Camp Sumter for a little over a month when…
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